EoVadis  –  The Renewable Energy Implementers

EoVadis Group designs, builds, finances and operates power plants utilizing renewable energy sources: solar farms and solar equipped buildings, wind turbines, bio energy power plants – grid-tied or off-grid solutions.

EoVadis optimizes outcomes and revenues of power plants or installations by intelligent combination of energy sources with generation devices as well as systemically fine-tuned components with efficient storage systems.

EoVadis and partner companies combine energy production technologies with cleantech devices from the fields of electricity and heat use – geared to site and to the need of customers.
Concentrated photovoltaic combined with desalination of sea water and water purification or solar cogeneration of heat and power attached to adsorption chillers exemplify some fields of application.

EoVadis is active in Europe and further regions of the world.

EoVadis – implements sustainable efficiency!