Mission & Values

EoVadis is a recently founded company. It is set to become one of the leading companies in the sector of designing, planning, financing, building, operating and providing maintenance services for renewable power generation plants and related storage systems. Moreover EoVadis focuses on systemically integrated erection of complementary cleantech systems.
With our know-how, expertise and our successful customers services EoVadis contributes actively to sustainable energy supply and distribution – in economic, social and ecological perspective.

Sustainability and increase in value is our mission.

EoVadis offers professional services to our customers, whereas successful implementation of projects ranks supreme and is our passion.

  • Economical, ecological and social sustainability is the base of our work
  • We focus on implementation
  • Performance-mindedness characterizes us
  • The aim of our activity and our projects are a verifiable accretion compared to the status quo and added value in comparison to competitors’ solutions
  • On the basis of elaborated judgements and trust we work
  • We centre the needs of our customers and their satisfaction – this is our guiding principle
  • Every one of our employees enjoys full respect; we encourage and ask for their professional and personal development
  • We are member of a one world community, that’s why we act accordingly responsible