Challenge & Approach

Main challenges of the 21st century are increasing energy demand, limited fossil energy resources, progressing climate change, continuing biodiversity loss and building a future which is based upon sustainability and solidarity.

  • Worldwide energy demand is set to double by 2050 (projection of the World Energy Council).
  • Decreasing availability of primary energy resources oil, coal, gas.
  • Disproportionately high demand for energy has already led to significant price increases. It is just the beginning.
  • Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is still rising. Significant climate changes are therefore expected.

The current progress towards renewable energy supply combined with high efficient energy consumption is key of a social transformation process EoVadis actively wants to contribute to. Hence we rate that a chance for companies, investors, public agencies and above all for society to purposefully participate and shape future.

The renewable energy industries are becoming mature. This fact leads to a highly competitive environment for hardware supplying companies. EoVadis as a planer, system integrator and implementer will forcefully take advantage of these developments.

Our goals are measurable. We achieve them for our customers: sustainable investments, increase in value and competitive advantage.

  • Efficiency, sustainability and increase in value in a broad sense are the guidelines of our services.
  • Long-term work experience in addition with a well networked management team, its execution skills and the organisational design and performance of EoVadis group of companies ensures first-class service.
  • Highest quality and professionalism combined with vendor independence and reliable success are identifiers of EoVadis.