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Financial Short-Termism A Major Obstacle to Sustainable Change in Business – Expert Poll >> 03 Feb 2012

Photo: UNEP/GRID-Arendal

The latest wave of The Sustainability Survey - GlobeScan and SustainAbility's regular survey of attitudes across businesses, NGOs, academia and government – reveals that a very large majority (88%) of the 642 experts polled see pressure for short-term financial results as a barrier to businesses becoming more sustainable.
The survey, conducted in December 2011, asked experts to [...]

How can we kick-start better growth? Responsible capitalism pt. 1 >> 26 Jan 2012

The UK’s latest growth figures, released this morning, made for grim reading. Some analysts have warned that the 0.2% contraction in the economy in the final three months of 2011 pushes Britain ever closer to a double-dip recession. Questions about the Government’s austerity-based approach to resolving the country’s economic woes are also resurfacing, particularly given [...]

The Wisdom of Sustainable Investment Funds >> 19 Jun 2011

Businesses that are incorporating environmental sustainability principles have a strategic advantage. They know that long-term survival depends on aggressive action today.

The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing -Economists monetise our relationship with Nature which enables it to be Bought. >> 11 Jun 2011

Love, economists have discovered, is depreciating rapidly. On current trends, it is expected to fall by £1.78 per passion-hour between now and 2030.

Concern for Environment and Climate Strongest in Asia, Emerging Economies >> 16 Nov 2010

Concern for the environment and climate change is on the rise in emerging economies. And according to several new pieces of research, concern is particularly acute in Asia.

Bis 2020 sollen eine Milliarde Menschen mitnachhaltigen Bankgeschäften erreicht werden. >> 04 Oct 2010

Die Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) verkündet im Rahmen der Clinton Global Initiative in New York erste Erfolge und setzt sichweiter ehrgeizige Ziele: Bis 2020 sollen eine Milliarde Menschen mitnachhaltigen Bankgeschäften erreicht werden.

„Nachhaltigkeit ist ohne Kunst nicht zu haben“ >> 02 Sep 2010

Was Kunst und Kultur zur Vermittlung des Leitbilds der nachhaltigen Entwicklung leisten können, zeigen mehr als 40 Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus aller Welt zwischen dem 03. September und 10. Oktober in den Berliner Uferhallen in der Ausstellung Zur Nachahmung empfohlen! Expeditionen in Ästhetik und Nachhaltigkeit. Adrienne Goehler verantwortet die künstlerische Leitung dieser Schau. Im Interview [...]

The Environmental Cost of Electricity >> 25 Aug 2010

You probably check your utility bill monthly to find out how much your television, toaster, computer and refrigerator are costing you to run.  
The question you should also be asking yourself is: how much does my energy cost in terms of the natural world? Because thermoelectric power plants, be they nuclear, coal, natural gas, or [...]

Grandfathering Our Problems, Blocking Our Solutions >> 03 Aug 2010

The United States has a peculiar problem adopting necessary change. With so many constituencies to palliate, the almost-universal solution is to avoid conflict where possible and payoff the constituencies where not.
This can run up quite a bill, in both dollar and procedural terms.
We have a society full of bad, worm-eaten decisions. Look no further than [...]

Why We Need to Reform the Filibuster to Fight Climate Change >> 28 May 2010

They may seem like two disparate topics: climate change and an archaic Senate procedural rule. But they have more in common than you might think. Thanks to the Senate filibuster rule, essentially any piece of legislation needs 60 votes, a super-majority, if it hopes to pass. This is one of the reasons that the climate [...]

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