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Alternative Energy Investing for 2013 >> 04 Feb 2013

2013 is poised to be an exciting year for alternative energy investors. Despite the conflagration solar had in 2012 we see opportunities there, as well as in wind and energy efficiency. This article also reveals why 2013 is shaping up to be a good year for the stock market in general, and alternative energy in [...]

Green investment: is the battle lost to build a clean, green future? >> 03 Jan 2013

Peter Dickson, technical director and partner at cleantech investor Glennmont Partners, says fears over energy security, not climate change, is driving the massive investment programme required to build a clean, green future.
Despite the best efforts of policy-makers and pressure groups, Europe is unlikely to meet its obligations to generate 20 per cent of its power from renewable sources in [...]

Clean energy investment drops to lowest level since 2009 >> 16 Oct 2012

Analysts blame financial fall-out, policy uncertainty and low gas prices for continued slide in investment

Climate change costs already top $1tr – and are set to spiral >> 26 Sep 2012

NGO sets out economic case for addressing climate change, warning world will lose 3.6 per cent of GDP a year by 2030 with no action

Sorry, Critics – Solar Is Not a Rip-Off >> 25 Sep 2012

On September 21, the LA Times ran a story about large-scale solar projects titled, “Taxpayers, ratepayers will fund California solar plants,” with the subhead: A new breed of prospectors — banks, insurers, utility companies — are receiving billions in subsidies while taxpayer and ratepayers are paying most of the costs. Critics say it’s a rip-off.

Nachtstrom-Niveau: Photovoltaik verursacht Preiseinbruch an Strombörse >> 20 Jul 2011

Der 16. Juli 2011 geht in die Geschichte der deutschen Stromwirtschaft ein. Am vergangenen Samstagnachmittag ist der Strompreis am Spotmarkt der Strombörse EEX auf das niedrige Preisniveau von Nachtstrom eingebrochen. Nur 2,5 Cent je Kilowattstunde musste ein Käufer für eine Stromlieferung in der Zeit zwischen 14 und 15 Uhr zahlen. Üblich sind am Wochenende zu [...]

Bis 2020 sollen eine Milliarde Menschen mitnachhaltigen Bankgeschäften erreicht werden. >> 04 Oct 2010

Die Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) verkündet im Rahmen der Clinton Global Initiative in New York erste Erfolge und setzt sichweiter ehrgeizige Ziele: Bis 2020 sollen eine Milliarde Menschen mitnachhaltigen Bankgeschäften erreicht werden.

US-Solar Market Forecasted to Grow to $78 Billion By 2015 >> 05 Aug 2010

During the same time period, solar investments will jump from $22.4 billion to $61.1 billion.

Here at the Crossover, Solar Beats Nuclear >> 30 Jul 2010

16 cents per kilowatt-hour. It doesn’t sound very profound, but its impact could be as big as 9-11 or 1776 or E=MC2.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Outpace Renewables >> 29 Jul 2010

New York The research and consulting firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) reports that subsidies for fossil energies are far outweighing those for renewables. While many governments are putting support behind clean energy, the figures show that renewables are still far behind, reports BNEF.

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