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Microgrids: So Much More than Backup Energy >> 31 Aug 2012

 Most Americans don't have to think much about energy reliability. We plug in a computer and it powers up; we flip a switch and the lights come on.

While very reliable today, the U.S. electricity grid is old and has gone at least five decades without a significant technological upgrade. The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) [...]

Wind Energy Powers Ahead Despite Economic Turmoil >> 09 Feb 2012

The Global Wind Energy Council annual market statistics published recently show that the wind industry installed just over 41,000 MW of new clean, reliable wind power in 2011, bringing the total installed capacity globally to more than 238,000 MW at the end of last year. This represents an increase of 21%, with an increase in the [...]

Understanding Manufacturing Economics for Grid-scale Energy Storage >> 04 Feb 2012

In late November the PJM Interconnect, the largest of nine regional grid system operators in the U.S., announced that it had begun buying frequency regulation services from small-scale, behind the meter, demand response assets in Pennsylvania. 
The first resources brought on-line by PJM were variable speed pumps at a water treatment plant and a 500 kW [...]

The Cleantech Competitive Advantage -one of Six Global Trends Driving Business Change >> 22 Sep 2011

The cleantech-enabled transformation to a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy may be the next industrial revolution.
Ernst & Young's work on Six Global Trends Shaping the Business World  list those six trends as:
Emerging markets increase their global power
Cleantech becomes a competitive advantage 
Global banking seeks Recovery through transformation 
Governments enhance ties with the private sector
Rapid technology innovation creates [...]

5 Things You Need to Know About Energy Storage >> 26 Jul 2011

The energy storage market is in its infancy, and it will be interesting to watch technology developers race to come up with reliable and affordable options as well as utilities cautiously decide whether or not grid storage will be a good fit. To help make sense of this new sector, the Electric Power Research Institute [...]

Finding PV’s Next Big Cost Reductions >> 05 Mar 2011

Cost is one of the biggest barriers to bringing solar to scale. Tremendous strides have been made to date — module prices have come down 50-70% in the past two years alone. Where are the next cost reductions going to come from?
A breakthrough new technology that delivers mindblowing lower costs could, in theory, be [...]

The Efficiency Race: How do CdTe and CIGS Stack up? >> 17 Nov 2010

CdTe and CIGS are the two new kids on the block for thin-film solar. Both technologies promise rock-bottom manufacturing prices, and respectable efficiencies (10% or greater). First Solar’s CdTe modules have given them a $10Bn market cap and pole position in the industry, while a number of high-flying CIGS and CdTe startups chase them.

Gesamt-Roundup/Netzstudie: 3.600 Kilometer Leitungsbedarf bis 2020 in Deutschland >> 16 Nov 2010

dpa-afx BERLIN. Rund 3 600 Kilometer an neuen Hochspannungsleitungen sind bis 2020 in Deutschland nötig, um die zunehmende Einspeisung der erneuerbaren Energien ins Stromnetz zu bewältigen. Der Ausbau würde sechs Mrd. Euro kosten – zu diesem Ergebnis kommt die zweite Netzstudie der Deutschen Energieagentur (dena), deren Entwurf der Deutschen Presse-Agentur vorliegt. Sie soll in Kürze offiziell vorgestellt [...]

Crystalline Silicon Exerting Intense Market Pressure On Thin Films >> 16 Nov 2010

In the face of renewed pricing pressures, solar device manufacturers have had to refocus on minimizing costs and maximizing performance to maintain profit margins. Advances in crystalline silicon technology and the falling cost of the polysilicon raw material have only increased the pressure on manufacturers of emerging thin-film technologies, including thin-film silicon, cadmium telluride (CdTe) [...]

The Facts About Wind Energy and Emissions >> 02 Sep 2010

Anti-wind groups are attempting to defy the laws of physics with their claims.

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