Public-Private Partnership Services

  • Your government and administration aims to link social priorities with the managerial skills of the private sector, relieving public bodies of the burden of large capital expenditure, and transferring the risk of cost overruns to the private sector?
  • Renewable Energy Systems (RES) contracting is a means your government wants to support by specific measures?
  • Government and businesses shall work together to provide energy services?
  • Rather than completely transferring public assets to the private sector, as by privatization, your government is looking for sustainable partnerships in the energy sector?


EoVadis assists you in all phases and steps of a PPP – as consultants and advisors, lead arrangers , mediators, technical planers and EPC-Contractor. We safely and efficiently implements your PPP Project.

Let us go through your situation, goals and needs, constraints, ideas – and you will have the opportunity to check the service capabilities of EoVadis Group of companies.


Please contact:
Burkhard Hellermann-Heinz, Managing Director, EoVadis Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland
Email: burkhard.hellermann(at)  |  Phone: +41 44 520 90 75