Roof Owner Services


We are always on the lookout for large, high-yield surfaces for the installation of solar power and small wind plants.

Do you own large roof, car park or greenhouse areas? If you do, you have access to an enormous potential of achieving long-term yields in an ecologically meaningful way.

Three options are available to you:

Option 1 – You yourself make the investment
You invest in placing a solar power plant on your roof, ensuring attractive, guaranteed returns on your investment for the next two decades at least mostly due to the statutory compensation for feeding solar electricity into the grid.

Option 2 – Renting out your roof
You rent out your rooftop to financially sound investors, ensuring safe and attractive returns that are guaranteed for the next 15 to 20 years in the form of rent payments – monthly or annually, or a (discounted) flat fee at the time the plant is started up.

Option 3 – Make direct use of rooftop power and heat generation
In addition to option 1 or 2 you directly make use of the power or heat generated on your rooftop. Solar heating and cooling, process water for your production or for your hospitality services could be interesting types of use.

You will always profit
No matter which option or special arrangement you choose, you will always profit and EoVadis will be at your side as a professional partner.