To deliver value added services to our clients EoVadis considers the processes to identify, design, plan and build renewable energy systems (RES) a strategic asset that must be thoroughly understood, managed and continuously improved.
So the EoVadis RES process is a collection of precisely structured and well related activities that produce services that perfectly meet the needs of our clients.

In that RES process: Enter wherever you want!
Get what you want!
EoVadis does it for you – from A to Z or as you like it!

For details look: Institutional Investor Services

  • Make sound investments in renewable energy sources: RES power.
  • Increase your income by leasing your land or roof as a site for RES power.
  • Set the course for a cleaner energy future in your region and use renewable energy sources to boost sustainable economic development in your community.
  • Expand your electric power and heat generation portfolio by adding renewable energy to your power mix.

EoVadis can help you do all that – with our years of hands-on prudent project management and implementation.